Automotive Tint

We offer the highest quality films available, and top-notch installs and service. We only use products that we can stand behind, and we stand behind every job we do. Every job we install comes with a lifetime guarantee. Classic has tinted thousands of cars ranging from Hondas to Bentleys, taking the same attention to detail on every install. The tint market is a crowded place and many tint shops are fly by night operations that are out to make a quick buck. We take the art of window tinting seriously and treat every car like it was our own. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Before you bring your car in:

Please wash your car and clean out items that may be in the way and need to be moved to do the install. When the vehicle is clean it provides a cleaner work area for the install, making it much less likely that dirt, dust or hair will get stuck on the film.

Dry Time:

Your window switches will be taped up with a precaution to wait 3-5 days before rolling down the windows. This gives the tint time to cure. Premature rolling windows down can cause the film to shift and catch window seals which in time will peel. The added time allows it to bond to the glass and rolling down the windows interferes with this process.

Initially, you will notice blotchiness in the window from moisture, this is normal. It will completely dry out over a period of the next few days. In some instances you will see small bubbles, which are water bubbles, not air bubbles. These small bubbles will also disappear after the film cures.

Install Process:

The year of the vehicle, depending on the condition of cleanliness, is a huge part of the install and cleaning process. Newer cars do not have as much of a problem as older cars do. This means quite a bit of cleaning to make sure dust and dirt particles do not get trapped in between the film on install. Each window is razor bladed to make sure nothing is stuck to it. Each window is also cleaned and squeegeed numerous times before film is applied.

Every window is custom cut to each application. This insures a perfect fit to each window of every vehicle. We use “ComputerCut”  ( computerized window film cutting system ) so no blades ever touch your windows . Every window is also heat shrunk to match the curvature on each window.

We offer a large range of products depending on your needs. Weather your car is completely un-tinted and you want to add a little bit of style and safety to your car, or you have a bad tint job that you need us to re-tint, we have you covered!